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to military families every month

Every child deserves to be read to by a loved one every day. Reading strengthens emotional bonds, eases stress, creates skilled readers, and inspires joy. When reading happens, children flourish.

Yet, over 100,000 military parents are deployed each year and unable to read to their children every night. The good news: a gift of just $25 a month is enough to bridge storytime for 12 military families each year.


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United Through Reading is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and your donation is tax deductible within the guidelines of U.S. taxes.


Monthly donors are vital to our effectiveness as a bridge between service members and their loved ones when deployed. Their enduring support puts literacy tools in the hands of military families, cameras in our Story Stations, and books in the hands of military kids as fast as our military needs them.

Monthly giving is also the most impactful way to save precious storytime moments for military families:

Emergency preparedness: We rely on the steady support of our monthly donors, THE BRIDGE, to ensure that UTR can respond to every challenge as quickly as our military does.

Easy, streamlined giving: Monthly giving is one of the most effective ways to support military families in a way that works for your budget and busy schedule. When you become a member of THE BRIDGE, you can be certain that your recurring gifts will ensure our Story Stations are stocked, and new ones can be quickly added when needed.

Perks: You will receive a specially selected book mailed to your door. You can read it to a child in your life or gift it to a loved one to experience the joy our military families feel when they receive a new book. You will also receive photos and stories of the military families you’ve impacted, quarterly progress updates, a chance to be a featured supporter and more!

"Reading bedtime stories with our sons was always a special time.  Our monthly donation to United Through Reading ensures that the children of our military won't miss out on these wonderful moments."  

Cathy & Howard Spetter 


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"As the daughter of a Marine, I know firsthand the importance of a connection between a child and a deployed parent. A video of a parent reading a favorite book is a heartwarming connection to a loved child. My passion for books, reading, and pride in our US Armed Forces inspire me to be a member of THE BRIDGE." 

Stephanie Kuchinskey

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